rainy days and mondays

We picked up a celebratory pizza on Monday in honor of the bank holiday and P booking our tickets home (29th June!).  Things are going to be crazy between now and then, so we need all the joking and good humor we can get, but I’m so excited I can barely contain myself (clearly).  I can’t wait to be reunited with our pets (especially my big dog!) and I won’t mind having access to my full wardrobe again either.  I love London so much and I know the second I’m gone I’ll miss it, but I’ve been really homesick this year (no clue why) so I’ll be happy to be done with that.  I guess I’m just ready to move on?
Eugenia Kim for Target Striped Equestrian Hat, Target scarf & long-sleeved tissue tee, Dad’s army shirt from Vietnam, Seven straight leg stretch jeans, Cole Haan flats, Ciao Bella pizza

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wears her grandfather's watch and her boyfriend's l.l. bean shorts
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2 Responses to rainy days and mondays

  1. antiqueshoes says:

    you went to London!
    i am in lovee with the idea of london and i cannot wait to go for myself!

    • L says:

      Yes! P and I lived in London from October of 2009 whilst I studied for an MA – this was my third time living/studying there, and our second time living there together, and I would happily move back in a second if given the chance. It is completely wonderful. Definitely go if you can (and please let us know so we can point you to all our favorite places)!


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