always off time

This was sort of a last-minute-grab-and-go-I’m-late-for-lunch-and-my-hair-is-still-wet situation.  The original outfit I had in mind was shelved on account of potential puddles which sent me scrambling for ideas on my way out the door.  Isn’t it convenient that the closet in our sardine-tin dorm-studio happens to be right in the entryway*?  Changed shirts, grabbed the nearest cardigan and then had to step back to pull the door open.  And run out.

So, right.  The cardigan is giant ~ something like an extra large, but for things like this I never really think that matters ~ and the t-shirt is super, super-soft with this lovely asymmetrical hem that keeps me from mooning people whenever I drop something (which is practically every other minute).  It is also, as you can see, very loose and roomy and thus very accommodating for my lunch of linguine and clams.  P left the restaurant early which enabled an undisturbed pop-in at the charity shop next door, of which he was the primary beneficiary.  But that’s his story to tell.

(Mom’s old sunglasses, Target scarf, Vince cardigan, Romeo + Juliet Couture tee, Seven straight leg stretch jeans, Coach purse, Movado watch, James Avery bangle, Navajo bracelet)

*five square feet of closet doors, main door and bathroom door = almost a hallway


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wears her grandfather's watch and her boyfriend's l.l. bean shorts
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  1. I love this outfit – it looks so effortless and relaxed which is just he style I love. I also really like the laundry outfit you posted – again, it looks so comfy but stylish! I found your blog on IFB and am enjoying looking back through your posts. If you get a chance could you check out our blog http://www.thewardrobewars.blogspot. We'd really love your feedback – comment your views and follow if you like what you see xoxo

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