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back in black

Picture-taking today started outside but I started melting pretty much right away so we moved the operation into my study room where I stood in front of the vent and mainlined iced tea.  I’d probably have done better to bathe … Continue reading

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puppy love

Just the one picture for today’s post ~ one that perfectly depicts how we spent the morning: trip to the dog park, wander through the farmer’s market, lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and a stop-in at the used book … Continue reading

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chop chop

Right, so, yesterday was Bastille Day and even though I’m late posting these pictures, you can rest assured that I did in fact dress up specifically for the occasion in tricolor (and a couple of my favorite French accessories). I wish … Continue reading

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deep in the [he]art of texas

Hard to believe we’ve been back for two weeks and this is only the first post from Texas!  Things have been such a whirlwind what with travel and moving and all, but as you may be able to tell from … Continue reading

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modern love

All apologies for the absence of posts ~ in the past two weeks we’ve packed up our studio and moved from London back to San Antonio, whereupon I immediately skipped over to Albuquerque to attend the wedding of one of … Continue reading

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