puppy love

Just the one picture for today’s post ~ one that perfectly depicts how we spent the morning: trip to the dog park, wander through the farmer’s market, lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and a stop-in at the used book store where I found one book for my dissertation and another entitled Fashion in History that deserves a post of its own.
More important, as far as P and I are concerned, is officially introducing our most beloved big dog, Tammy.  We adopted her from the Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter here in San Antonio, in 2007 after we came back from England the last time.  My mother had started looking for a dog that summer and I was only too happy to spend my time searching Petfinder for her perfect pup instead of writing my dissertation (I found him, by the way).  Having spent a few months looking at adoptable dogs online (and knowing my parents planned to keep the cat I’d rescued in college), I begged P to let me adopt a dog, which he agreed to do after I submitted my dissertation.  Instead he broke his toe, ending our marathon training, and I suffered severe writer’s block with barely a week to go before my deadline.  One morning after breakfast, I prevailed on him to take me over to ADL just to see about a dog I’d seen on the internet who had a huge, fluffy tail.  We went straight to the building she was meant to be in but she wasn’t there ~ later we found out she had been moved to a more social building because she hadn’t been eating.  The volunteer we asked about her said she was “crazy” and that we didn’t want a crazy dog.  So we walked around a little longer looking at the other dogs and finally I agreed to leave if P would let me do one last pass through one of the buildings.  When we walked in we saw a big brown dog in one of the unmarked pens that had been empty before (we got there when they were cleaning) and I fell in love at first sight.  Our eyes met and she gave a little tail-flop at which point I dropped to the ground in front of the gate and told P to please go find someone who could show us this dog.  He hobbled off (he was walking with a cane at the time) and after what seemed like forever came back with the same volunteer who informed us that this was, in fact, Tammy ~ the very dog we had originally come to see!  The second he reached for the latch she bounced five feet into the air (she’s nearly as tall as I am at full length) and wouldn’t calm down.  He put the kennel leash on her, handed it to me and walked away saying he’d warned us.  Underweight at 52 lbs she was still incredibly strong and nearly jerked me off my feet (which she has done on other occasions) in her excitement to get out.  She dragged me around for a couple minutes until I found someone who would let me into a play-area where I let her off leash.  She ran around a few times then found an old tennis ball, and when P finally arrived I told him flat out, “This is the dog.”  We met her on a Friday but weren’t able to bring her home until Monday because they wanted the vet to check on why she wasn’t eating so we went to visit her Saturday and Sunday morning, playing fetch for at least an hour each time.
Monday morning she jumped right into the car for the ride to her forever home and we’ve been a family ever since.

(Target hat and t-shirt, Vince shorts, Birkenstock sandals, Coach purse, Movado watch, Ten Thousand Things earrings)

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wears her grandfather's watch and her boyfriend's l.l. bean shorts
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8 Responses to puppy love

  1. Elle says:

    Cute outfit! I love this idea!!!! Found you on IFB! Adding you to our blogroll! Check us out http://www.istylellc.com

  2. Kelly says:

    She looks so sweet! And she clearly adores you.

  3. ANNIE says:

    that's such a cute picture!i love your very summery outfit =)

  4. Very cute puppy!Eat, Sleep, Denim ❤

  5. Kelly says:

    Adorable photo!! Lovely blog! You take wonderful photos!! 🙂 Found you via the link exchange group at ifb, following you! Follow back if you like! 🙂 ❤ Kellyhttp://www.sourtang.com

  6. Pennerad says:

    such a wonderful story. that dog is beautiful! i really like this simple, easy outfit.

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