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Holiday Gift Guide Day 3

You know better than to be the person who says in their old age, “I should  have learned how to cook.” However, if  you know someone who doesn’t cook, save them from that frustrating  realization by giving them this new … Continue reading

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a piece of the rock

So this outfit is basically “throw-on” clothes turned ensemble, thanks to the addition of one great piece: this beautiful belt buckle that I scored in the Veteran’s Day sale of an Albuquerque thrift shop a few weeks back.  You see, … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide Day 2

    So L asked me, “Do men like fountain pens?”  My answer, “Yes, they do, once they’ve owned one.”  If you were like me, writing with a plastic pen was always tantamount to a wrestling match.  You never knew whether it … Continue reading

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my favorites: boots and jeans

Consider this my confession: I wear these jeans (almost) every day.  Seriously.  But I can’t help myself.  To be honest, I barely even notice.  They are my favorites and I love them and I would be quite happy never to … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1 by lauravs featuring booties shoes   Just in time for so-called “Cyber Monday” (aka Carpal-Tunnel Mania), we humbly present, for your consideration, our take on the Holiday Gift Guide.  Every day until December 24th we’ll … Continue reading

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Dressing in the New Economy

I’ve always had problems dressing-up when dressing in a suit isn’t an option.  When going to an interview, or some kind of professional event where a suit would be overkill, what do you wear?  These days when you are competing … Continue reading

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Tuesday Snap Shot

Does anyone know what “cold water soap” is exactly?  I did not, but when I found this very old (1960s – early 1970s) football jersey hanging on a rack at The Green Door, I knew my lack of laundry know-how … Continue reading

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