dachs and stripes

These pictures are a couple of weeks old, but since I’m back in New Mexico (where they were taken) and too ill to get properly dressed I figure I may as well post them. As it happens I brought basically the exact same pieces for this visit so if I weren’t drunk off cough syrup this is probably about how I’d look.

My dad and I staged these pictures whilst moving this rocking chair from the guest house over to my study room in the main house.  (That’s not meant to sound snooty ~ multiple buildings are very common out here in the sticks, and my parents have rehabbed theirs into a nice home office, but back when I was kid it was more like a storage space with no heat.  I should also clarify that my “study room” is really an awkward room off the kitchen that is the coldest in the house and kind of a catch-all space for exercise equipment, overflow dishware, my mother’s sewing and knitting supplies, and, at the moment, my China library.)  Anyway, my dad picked this rocking chair up at an estate sale a few years back and it is pretty much the most comfortable chair ever.  My long term plan is to reupholster the faded tapestry with a graphic Marimekko print, but on this day Chico and I were quite happy with it just the way it was ~ perfect for a quiet cuddle on a sunny autumn afternoon.

(Neiman Marcus leather jacket, J.Crew scarf and top, Seven jeans, Tom’s shoes, Coach purse, vintage sunglasses, Navajo cuff & Movado watch)

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wears her grandfather's watch and her boyfriend's l.l. bean shorts
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