Dressing in the New Economy

I’ve always had problems dressing-up when dressing in a suit isn’t an option.  When going to an interview, or some kind of professional event where a suit would be overkill, what do you wear?  These days when you are competing for a position with countless others, the impression that your clothes make might make the difference between a paycheck and the soup line.  I chose this combination.  I decided to match this pair of pinstriped Theory trousers with one of my favorite shirts.  Not too dressy, but definitely not a pair of ratty dockers.  Professional without without the business formality of the classic navy suit and tie.

I love french cuffs because I love cuff links.  If I can find a reason, no matter how flimsy,  to wear these Spitfire cuff links from the Imperial War Museum, I will.  If you have read the blog, you know how much I like little accents that add individuality to conventionally styled pieces.  I don’t mean a Loony Tunes tie, or some novelty piece of clothing, but something classic that might catch the eye of an observer.  These are not things that scream at you from across the room, but subtle notes that might provoke a question from an interested party.  By all means, be ready to tell a story about your chosen item when the question is asked.  The backstory, if it is a good one, will stick in the memory of the bored HR official, and might just keep your resume out of the slush pile.

(Theory trousers, Theory Shirt, Spitfire cuff links from the Imperial War Museum, Dunhill belt, Tod’s loafers, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, Rotring pen)
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3 Responses to Dressing in the New Economy

  1. Katelyn says:

    Oh my gosh, those cuff links are awesome! Great gift idea! My boyfriend is a total history buff. I am going to check out that site.


    • P says:

      Katelyn –

      Yes, I would encourage you to check out the Imperial War Museum. Not only do they have cool cufflinks (as pictured) but many other items that your boyfriend would likely love and you would be unlikely to find anywhere else. My pictures of the cufflinks do not do their detail justice – camouflage and RAF insignia are etched onto each wing and the fuselage. I highly recommend a visit not only to the website but also the museum itself.


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