Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1 by lauravs featuring booties shoes


Just in time for so-called “Cyber Monday” (aka Carpal-Tunnel Mania), we humbly present, for your consideration, our take on the Holiday Gift Guide.  Every day until December 24th we’ll post a pair of complementary items that we think would make any lucky recipient jingle with joy.  Naturally not every thing is for everyone, but somewhere in the 70+ products featured we hope you’ll be able to find something for someone on your list (especially if that person is you).

As mountaineering obsessives — P climbed in the Himalaya in his 20s and baby L bounced around the Rockies in the back a of a Jeep — we were both very taken with Rag & Bone’s Fall/Winter 2010 men’s and women’s collections.  Inspired by the high-altitude adventurers of the early 20th century, the Everest boot‘s teetering heel pays the world’s highest peak homage in the best possible way (just don’t wear them crossing the Khumbu Icefall — and certainly not without your crampons).

Fashion and fun aside, the reality of Everest is no joking matter, and many people have lost their lives to the mountain’s fickle moods.  Broughton Coburn’s book about the 1996 tragedy is a puzzlingly pretty one, in part because it resulted from the same expedition that produced the IMAX Everest movie.  The photographs are correspondingly cinematic, making it a book any coffee table would proudly bear, while the harrowing account of heroes who risked themselves and their project to help others embodies the spirit of the season.


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