Holiday Gift Guide Day 2

Holiday Gift Guide Day 2



So L asked me, “Do men like fountain pens?”  My answer, “Yes, they do, once they’ve owned one.”  If you were like me, writing with a plastic pen was always tantamount to a wrestling match.  You never knew whether it would pin you with its inconsistent ink flow, or whether you would wind up throwing it (preferably into a trash can) from sheer frustration.  Even the Pilot G2 had a habit of failing me at times when I needed it most.  Having said that, I treated my first experience with a fountain pen with a degree of skepticism.  Isn’t it a hassle to fill it with ink so frequently?  What if it explodes into the breast pocket of my suit?  These questions were quickly answered in the negative, and the more time I invested into maintaining my fountain pen was amply rewarded.  I cannot imagine writing a long piece of correspondence with my old, not-quite-so-reliable friend the Bic today.  If I could somehow turn back the clock of time, a fountain pen would have made learning Arabic script a much easier task.  A finished piece of writing looks richer by virtue of the ink transfer that only a fountain pen can produce.  The Dunhill Sidecar is a personal favorite of mine.  It feels as nice in your hand as it looks on the linked page and will last you a lifetime.

With that nice new pen in hand, it is time to tackle a quickly disappearing art.  That of note-writing.  Admittedly, I am criminally negligent in writing thank-you notes, memos to friends, and invitations.  However, this Letterpress Correspondence System by the Forgetful Gentleman will make these tasks much easier.  I promise you, the recipients of these notes will appreciate them more than you will know.  Admit it, isn’t it nicer to get anything handwritten in your mailbox than a few pixels in your email?  The company knows the answer to that question, and if you take the time to browse around their site you will discover a variety of products that will allow you to be sometimes forgetful, yet still maintain your gentlemanly credibility.  However, do everyone a favor and do a little work on your scrawl.  There are handwriting texts to help you on your road to better penmanship and in in a world awash with technology, even apps are designed to make your writing legible — even elegant.  Happy Holidays!


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