a piece of the rock

So this outfit is basically “throw-on” clothes turned ensemble, thanks to the addition of one great piece: this beautiful belt buckle that I scored in the Veteran’s Day sale of an Albuquerque thrift shop a few weeks back.  You see, I have a thing for belts, but I very rarely wear them.  I would really like to have some custom ones made, as I also have a thing for belt buckles, but I’ve been pretty lax on that front too (possibly because more than that I would like to make my own belts but such enterprise also intimidates me).

So anyway, there I was, at the thrift store at 7:15 on a chilly October morning, trying to convince my mother that it did in fact make sense to buy this wonderful buckle for which I had no belt.  Suffice it to say, she was skeptical.  Happily she is also completely lovely, and generously offered me two of her old custom belts to try out with my new buckle — the ideal scenario in my book, as all of my best belts once belonged to my mother.  I latched them both to the belt for packing, and ended up liking the look so much that I went on and wore it (a major achievement for someone who long refused to mix black and brown).

(Mom’s old sunglasses, J.Crew scarf, Muji blazer, Target long-sleeve tee, Seven jeans, Nordstrom nude fishnet trouser socks, Tod’s loafers, vintage Bonnie Cashin for Coach bag, Mom’s old custom black and brown leather belts, second-hand Earth Forms Unlimited Brazilian geode belt buckle and Frank Gehry for Tiffany “Torque” ring)

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wears her grandfather's watch and her boyfriend's l.l. bean shorts
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