Holiday Gift Guide Day 4

Holiday Gift Guide Day 4

So you want to give that special someone a gift that is environmentally friendly as well as eternally cool?  You don’t have to secure a spot for them on a boat throwing rancid butter at Japanese whaling ships anymore.  Be a good friend and get them a nice helmet like the Arai Vector.  It doesn’t matter if they are rocking a Vespa or a Ducati, a helmet keeps their head from a violent confrontation with the street which it will most assuredly lose.  More people are switching from four wheels to two because of gas prices and many of them are taking their safety for granted.  Just because you aren’t making turns at 100mph doesn’t mean that you don’t need a helmet.  While you’re at it, shell out for a motorcycle, or scooter safety course sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  The courses are split between classroom instruction and a substantial amount of time spent on the road.  There are two kinds of riders: those who have fallen and those who will fall, so when your time comes, you want to be prepared.  Being cool doesn’t mean you don’t have to be safe.  Happy motoring.

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