Far From Fashion: Holiday Greetings from the Land of Enchantment

cold weather wear

On Sunday I made a last minute decision to spend the holidays at my parents’ house in New Mexico.  I packed up Tammy and we hitched a ride with my father (he was in the area on business) for a twelve-hour trip along IH-10 (El Paso, I love ya, but you’re slowing me down).   I was (well, still am, actually) very torn about leaving P for what will be our first Christmas apart in the six-and-a-half years that we’ve been dating (cue today’s round of teary-eyes) but the consensus among minds other than mine was that a change of scenery might do my stalled-out dissertation some good.  (Here’s hoping — the thing is due in London in less than a month.  A lot less.)  So here I am, hanging out in my favorite house in the world, in what are essentially glorified pajamas.  Oh, you didn’t know?  It’s cold here.  Not like, Minnesota cold, but definitely doing-its-part-to-freeze-me cold.

Seriously — I’m about to take a blogging break to go stoke the fire.  (Well, not really, because I’m probably going to bed when I finish this.  Thinner air makes you sleepier, or something?)

So anyway, I’ve got to stay warm, and I justify this outfit by telling myself that I’m just about to take Tammy for a walk and so of course need to be dressed and ready.  Right?  Heck, I may even sleep in these pants just to get a jump-start tomorrow.  Thus we conclude that laziness can in fact result in efficiency (so long as no one stands too close to me).  Hopefully P will provide the polish, so that I can continue with the putrid.

Now tell me, dear ones, do you slack off sartorially at the holidays?


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wears her grandfather's watch and her boyfriend's l.l. bean shorts
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