Seriously.  Can you do a pictorial at a playground and not look cheesy or cliché?  I know I can’t.  I also can’t imagine navigating the structures in those heels — proof enough for me that Kristy is dedicated to her cause.  Plus, she’s been creating killer photo spreads and writing thoughtful, provocative articles since long before this contest was a twinkle in the reflection of those wonderful Ray-Bans of hers.  Class, commitment and courage are the words that I’ve come to associate with Kristy over the eight months I’ve been reading her blog (well, that and her badass cat-on-a-leash) and I am so excited to be a part of #TEAMKRISTY because not only is she a great gal, she’s also (you saw this coming, right?) #FULLTIMEFABULOUS.


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wears her grandfather's watch and her boyfriend's l.l. bean shorts
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8 Responses to L & P are #TEAMKRISTY because she is #FULLTIMEFABULOUS

  1. Love this! Thank you! And the “badass cat-on-a-leash”…y’all are killing me!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  2. kristy says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! this post was so great and fun to read, i really loved it. =) you are both so sweet and i appreciate your kind words and support like you would not believe!!!!!!! thank you for being a part of this. much love to you!

    vesper says thank you for calling her bad-ass. it’s her favorite descriptive term. i’m not kidding, she thinks she’s completely invincible. =P

    • L says:

      You are so welcome! We are happy to do and want you to win! In fact, I think I need to click on over myself and vote for you today.


  3. Tatjana says:

    love the garter belt.
    we should follow each other on bloglovin!



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