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A Night at the Office…

So it’s pretty easy to tell when I have been at work all day.  Can you guess the telltale sign in this picture?  It’s not the disheveled tie, I wore it like that all day because I like the look … Continue reading

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The Five Dollar Suit

I knew L had her eye on this vintage Bergdorf Goodman suit, so when our favorite thrift store finally re-opened after the holiday break I stopped by and grabbed it for her.  Needless to say, the price was right.

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One-Bag Wonder

No matter how much I travel, and how useful they have proven in the past, I still cannot fully embrace the roller bag. I like a bag I can throw over my shoulder after stuffing it with a few changes … Continue reading

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White whale matches what?

I’m not really one for wandering around large outdoor malls full of seasonal scavengers.  It is always a little too tempting to make observations that might not add to holiday cheer.  I’m much more comfortable sitting around with friends, sipping … Continue reading

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Sunday Book Review: The Handbook of Style

As a rule, I don’t recommend books that are mere compilations of magazine articles.  They are usually poorly edited, and tend to appeal mainly to the audience that already subscribes to the print publication.  Those readers are in on all of … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide Day 4

So you want to give that special someone a gift that is environmentally friendly as well as eternally cool?  You don’t have to secure a spot for them on a boat throwing rancid butter at Japanese whaling ships anymore.  Be … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide Day 3

You know better than to be the person who says in their old age, “I should  have learned how to cook.” However, if  you know someone who doesn’t cook, save them from that frustrating  realization by giving them this new … Continue reading

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