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Freaky Friday: Disproportionate P

I initially planned to use a very few, edited photos from this outfit that would show only the parts of it that I liked — basically the mixed textures and patterns up top, because the overall composition of the thing … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide Day 5

    Cold winter nights make me want to snuggle up with my big dog and a heavy duvet – actually, that’s kind of what I want to go do right now.  So I’ll make this brief.  Classic cotton pajamas … Continue reading

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a piece of the rock

So this outfit is basically “throw-on” clothes turned ensemble, thanks to the addition of one great piece: this beautiful belt buckle that I scored in the Veteran’s Day sale of an Albuquerque thrift shop a few weeks back.  You see, … Continue reading

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dachs and stripes

These pictures are a couple of weeks old, but since I’m back in New Mexico (where they were taken) and too ill to get properly dressed I figure I may as well post them. As it happens I brought basically … Continue reading

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blustery sunday

So, this outfit is pretty much the furthest thing ever from my typical Sunday morning coffee-run fare.  Or any day, any time, any outing, for that matter.  I am not a regular dress-upper nor am I a frequent high heel … Continue reading

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know when to fold ‘em

I don’t usually go with P to do the laundry.  Partly because the whole point is that he does it so I don’t have to and can focus on my studies, and partly because I’m kind of insane about the … Continue reading

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on the ph scale

Yesterday we dropped by the British Museum to meet a friend for coffee and took some quick pictures whilst waiting for her.  I was in quite a mood before we left, feeling sort of dumpy and blah and ill-equipped for … Continue reading

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