deep in the [he]art of texas

Hard to believe we’ve been back for two weeks and this is only the first post from Texas!  Things have been such a whirlwind what with travel and moving and all, but as you may be able to tell from these pictures we are so incredibly happy to finally be back home (heat, humidity and all).  I returned from New Mexico on Saturday, we spent Sunday visiting my grandmother and yesterday running errands so today was really the first chance we had to do something fun.  Tuesday is late-opening at the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) with free admission from 4 to 9 so we decided to head over and check out the Ancient Near-East Galleries (and take some pictures, naturally).  The Gary Sweeney piece above is actually out in the museum parking lot, and it’s one of my favorite of their assorted installations (the other being a Chihuly ceiling of which I was unable to get a good picture) because it simultaneously spreads the museum beyond its physical limits and contextualizes it in the architectural era of the surrounding neighborhood.  Plus I just like it.
I hope you won’t mind the excessive goofiness of these pictures ~ like I said, I’m really happy to be home. Ordinarily we’re diametrically opposed to jumping pictures (as p has stated previously) but since I hit this heel-click I kind of have to share it. My outfit came together a little unexpectedly right at the point where I was about to give up and call the night off; it’s a reprise of what I wore to have dim sum last week with my mother (but didn’t get a chance to photograph) and I threw it on this time just as a demonstration but P said go with it, so there you are.  The whole thing ~ dress, scarf and shoes ~ cost me less than $20 and I’ve worn each piece at least twice in the week I’ve had them, even though P dislikes the shoes (they’re leopard print with gold-glitter polka-dots, go figure).  The scarf is a relative of the green and blue ones I’ve posted previously with same wonderful, saturated color (and it was on sale).
Apparently people leave their entry stickers on the post of the pedestrian-crossing sign outside the museum.  I love how it’s sort of a community-art-collaboration-replaces-trash-bin thing (people also leave their gum, among other things).
Anyhow, welcome [to our] home!

(Target dress, flats and scarf, Hobo clutch and heirloom jewelry)

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3 Responses to deep in the [he]art of texas

  1. Isabella says:

    That work of art is superb! I'm an art aficionado and I'm thinking of getting my degree in art history. I've never heard of the museum you mentioned, but it seems really great. Maybe I'll be able to see it one day. I'm from New York and I haven't been to many of the states. Unfortunate, I know. There are a few I actually do want to see, but I ultimately want to end up in Europe.Those stickers, by the way, are just the cutest!

  2. Pennerad says:

    heel click: 10/10

  3. Terri says:

    The first and last photos here are wonderful!

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